Paneer is used as a raw material for preparing different dishes such as Paneer Bhajji, Paneer Tikka, Paneer Butter Masala, Paneer Pakoda, Paneer Masala, Mattar Paneer, Paneer Saag and Paneer cutlet etc. To know more about how to make all the above said dishes along with the many more Paneer recipes, Please Refer to our Website.

The website is packed with Indian food and curry dishes that are made through the essential ingredient in Vegetarian Indian Cookery called “PANEER". The site includes complete preparation methods for dishes that are made through Paneer that adds more variety and taste in your regular recipe.

The important thing naturally is how you use ‘Paneer’ to liven up your Indian meals. One easy way to do that is by preparing various Paneer Dishes as specified in this website. The preparation of these dishes requires lots of preparation and a proper method. This website will help you to gather all the required information, ingredients, methods and time span which will bring out the best dishes for you and your family.

Paneer Do Pyaza

A homemade paneer do pyaza recipe contains very less amount of calories as compared to any other paneer recipe which remains healthy for everyone. . View More

Capsicum paneer

Capsicum paneer vegetable contains the nutrients of both capsicum and paneer. This combination of two vegetables is really a healthy substitute of various heavy paneer dishes. View More

Brinjal Paneer Curry

Add health essentials with taste. This amalgamation is best of brinjal with Paneer. Here is the recipe of Brinjal Paneer curry. View More
Paneer Poha

Paneer has always been a favorite ingredient in all kinds of dishes. It is the best companion of Poha that gets a completely new flavor with it. View More

Paneer Stuffed Bhatura

Paneer stuffed bhatura is very well known Punjabi recipe which is made up of Maida and yoghurt. It becomes more delicious and tasty when it is stuffed with Paneer. View More